Hipsters everywhere

I live in Rotherhithe, a nice area, 15 minutes far from Tower Bridge, just opposite Canary Wharf. It's a quiet area, clean, civilised. Not bad for a start. I just found out that there's a small issue, though, Not too far from my house, by Doubletree by Hilton hotel, a former Pub was claimed by a bunch of hipsters that have only one job: to smoke all the weed in London. I have no issues with them. I love hipsters. Plus, they didn't distract anyone. But today, something weird happened around that pub. I've jumped out from my bed because of a huge bang and then some other weird shouts. I get closer to the window and I see a lot of people, most probably from the council emptying the pub. There was sofas, chairs, beds. TV screens, fridge freezers. I think today was hipster's last day… Read More

Brits and Romania

Today was a nice day. I met 2 elderly Britons who were planning a vacation this summer in Transylvania. They said they were eager to see our villages, mountains and brown bears. Yes, we've got brown bears in Romania. I don't know if the fact that Prince Charles bought his properties at Viscri made Romania interesting, or for some other reason, but it seems that the British interest in Romanian tourism has increased a lot. Many times when I tell people that I am from Romania, they react positively. Either they were in Romania and they discovered nature in the true sense of the word, or they worked with Romanians, or they have Romanian friends and they've made a good impression. As for my new friends, it was a pleasure for me to make a list of additional places to see in Romani… Read More

My first month in London

St. Katharine Docks, London, March 15 2016, 11:55 AM. A wonderful place to work, relax, go out with friends or even live. This day marks a month since I moved to this city and more than 8 years since I discovered it. So far, I don't regret for a second the decision I made. Many have asked me: OK, you're in London, you have moved, everything is beautiful, but what are you doing there? How do you manage to survive in one of the most expensive cities in the world? Well, it's not easy, but it's not impossible. I still have some digital projects in Romania, which I work on remotely, recently I signed the first contract on my LTD here and I also drive for UBER. About 50% Brightmedia and 50% UBER. Basically, what I was doing in Romania, but without having a full time job and having muc… Read More

2015, F64 year

The first time I heard about F64 was around 2006-2007, when I started flirting with photography. Since then I started following the brand. I was very attracted by the way they communicates and the closeness to clients. A few years later, I made the first purchase and experienced the customer experience. I was fascinated. Over time, getting very close to digital marketing, I followed the brand and, moreover, I started to take it as an example. Slowly. I started to want to be part of the team. Not long after, I joined the F64 team. At first, a little shy. It didn't take me long to understand the business, the processes and most importantly: to get closer to people. F64 has a wonderful team. It's very hard not to get attached to the people in F64. They are, perhaps, the most passionate pe… Read More

A little bit of London

London starts to be my second home. Actually, think I like this city more than my hometown. Every time I have the chance to leave Bucharest, London is my first choice that comes into my mind. After wall, It doesn't matter where home is, it matters more where you feel like home. For me, London means home, even if it's not home... yet.

San Francisco

Everyone is running in San Francisco. Running from work, from friends, partners or life. Don't know why they're running so much. If you live in San Francisco and you are everyday out in your running outfit, comment bellow. I've seen Golden Gate Bridge so many times in movies that was almost no surprise to see it live. It was part of my life anyway. I was so familiar with this bridge that I almost forgot to take a picture of it. San Francisco is full of contrasts. There are nice residential houses around the city center, a lot of parks, quiet areas, on a side, but on the other side, the Downtown.. I find it dirty, crowded and full of homeless. Maybe because it's so expensive and the gap between poor and rich is bigger now. I liked to visit the main points of interest: Painted … Read More

Los Angeles

I have always wanted to drive around Los Angeles. I find this city perfect for long rides. The weather is perfect, nice music on the radio, roads are empty. Perfect vibe. I wanted to do so many things in LA and I had so less time. I started the day with a nice walk through Downtown, LA. Did I tell you that I like skyscrapers? Oh, yeah. I like spending hours walking along financial districts, staring at tall buildings. That's my little guilty pleasure. I easily got in love with Santa Monica. If I had 2 more weeks, I would spend every second by the beach in Santa Monica. I love how organised, clean and people's vibe around the seafront. I had to tick some other boxes, of course: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, watching a movie at Kodak Theatre, Venice Beach, driving up the hills. Def… Read More

Vegas #30

I've got lucky in Vegas on my birthday. I don't know if it was beginner's luck or the fact that was my 30's birthday, but I know for sure, that I left the casinos with $300 profit. I went to Las Vegas with very low expectations. All of my friends said that Vegas is a shitty town, copy paste from Europe's much older cities, nothing to see, nothing to do: just gambling, whores and alcohol. Maybe they said that because they never went to Vegas. Hehe. I was very well surprised when I realised that Vegas is more than that. The atmosphere is relaxed, there is fun, party or spending money vibe everywhere. And it's not that bad to escape from time to time.

4000 meters

In 30 years I have gone through many "on the edge" moments. I had moments when the adrenaline pumped quite strongly through my veins, but nothing compares to sky diving. The first 3 seconds are indescribable. The feeling you get as soon as you get off the plane is simply amazing. And the speed with which you fall into the void is wow! I would do it again, and again, and again. I'm thinking quite seriously to start the kickstart course, to get my license and try solo jump at some point. You can also see the video here: https://www.facebook.com/adrianzanfir/videos/10153206193317383/

The coolest experiences are the unscheduled ones

Saturday, 6:30 p.m. After a long night of driving for UBER, I feel the need to have a coffee with one of my best morning coffee partners. We sat down nicely at our table at OMV petrol station watching on the window how the day was starting for everyone around. After a few moments I had this ideea that got stuck on my mind: to leave Bucharest for a better sunrise view. In about 2 hours, we reached Mamaia, then Neptun, Vama Veche, up to to Kaliakra, Bulgaria. We got back to Bucharest later that night. All of this happened on the same day, starting from a very morning coffee. Nothing scheduled, unique experience.