Soviet Trains are not that bad

I recently took a train from Bucharest to Chișinău, and it was quite the experience. This wasn’t just any train; it was a sleeper train, offering a nostalgic journey back in time. I started my trip on a Saturday evening and arrived in Chișinău on Sunday morning. If you don’t mind a 14-hour trip covering approximately 275 miles and don’t expect modern amenities, you’ll be just fine. The train’s vintage charm was really nostalgic for me, particularly as someone who grew up during the communist era. It felt like a journey back in time and a chance to slow down and appreciate the ride. The people I met on the train were lovely. One fellow traveller, a lady in her 70s now living in Moldova, shared stories of her life in Russia, Italy, and Romania. Another passenger, a Norwegian student, listen… Read More



I booked myself a birthday trip to Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn, saving Tallinn for last, hoping it would be the cherry on my birthday cake. And it fit perfectly right on top. It's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen, and I've seen hundreds. It rivals other cities from my personal top favourites, like London, Singapore, and Barcelona. I took my best travel mates with me: Florence, my partner, and our son, Alex. They made my  truly memorable. But what also amazed me was the beauty of Tallinn itself. I was really impressed with how well-structured it was. The Old Town, right in the middle, was perfectly preserved with its medieval colourful buildings and stunning churches with tall towers. The financial district, although not too far from the Old Town, felt completely separate. … Read More


New York City Revisited

I like New York, but I'm not a huge fan. It's an intriguing city for many, a city that attracts a lot of people, but not me. I've been there once, checked it off my list, and didn't necessarily plan to return. When the idea of a family trip to New York came up, I thought, why not? It would be a good opportunity to see the city differently. And I'm glad we went. I rediscovered the city through the eyes of a 2.5-year-old child and my partner, who is a big fan of the city. It was wonderful. No matter how busy, crowded, and noisy the city is, during the four days spent in New York, I saw it in slow motion. My son helped me do that. I learned that you don't have to tick all the boxes; instead, you should feel the city and feel good yourself. You don't have to visit all the museums. One ca… Read More


Our story

I have shared this story numerous times in various ways, but I believe it's best to write it down, just in case the temptation to modify it arises in the future. It's a story too precious to be altered, and I want the future me to share the same enchanting tale with our child. Yes, my love, it's our story. It all began in a humble house, some referred to as an office, where I opened a door and there she was, turning her chair. In that moment, something extraordinary passed between us. Call it chemistry, if you will. Not too late, I found out it’s too late. She was married, and her boundaries were crystal clear. I respected that, and together we agreed that being friends would be more than enough. Weeks turned into months, and we quickly became best friends. Same with the entire marke… Read More


Via Transilvanica #1

A few years ago, in my ongoing pursuit of adventures, I found this project called Via Transilvanica. The word Transilvanica alone was enough to catch my eye. Transylvania holds a special place in my heart. It’s my favourite part of Romania. So, naturally, I dove into some research. This amazing project reveals a super long and winding trail that covers an impressive distance of 1400 kilometers. Picture this: it kicks off in the enchanting northeast of the country and gracefully dances its way to the southwest, traversing vast stretches of glorious Transylvania. But here's what really got my heart racing: their captivating slogan: "The road that unites." Fueled by the spirit of unity, I set out to assemble a team of adventurers. It's crazy to think that most of us were total strangers. C… Read More



One of this year's resolutions was to start learning to travel with an open mind and low expectations. As I arrived on Tenerife, I was taken aback by its incredible development and use of its natural beauty. This Spanish island is home to Mount Teide, an active volcano that towers at an impressive 3,715 meters and is the highest mountain in Spain. Take a drive around the volcano or opt for an adrenaline rush by taking the cable car to climb above the clouds. Discover the island's gorgeous beaches, many of which are made up of sand imported from the Sahara. My personal favorite is Abama, where the crystal-clear water and soft sand will make you feel like you're on a tropical paradise. Visit the charming cities of Tenerife, including the picturesque San Cristobal de la Laguna, with its… Read More


Less plans, less to worry about

I still tend to plan everything in advance, weeks, months, or even years ahead. I don't know why, but I can't stop doing that. It happens all the time, even for personal projects, like travels. Now, in my attempt to cure this disease, I created this new personal project: Every once in a while, I challenge myself to be spontaneous with my travels. I choose a destination that's no more than a 2-hour flight away, under £50 return and it has to be a place I've never been to before. This is how I found myself in Toulouse in January. For this trip, I decided to let go of all my usual planning rituals. No research, no endless YouTube watching, no Google Maps plotting, nothing. When I got back home I tried to see what went wrong with zero planing and a lot of spontaneity. Well, noting got wr… Read More


How to DAD

Spoiler alert: It's not easy. If you are in your 20s and you are thinking of having a child, there are no rational reasons to have one. The word rational is very important in that sentence. Keep that in mind. A child means to spend a lot of time with him/her. Takes you a lot of energy, time and money. A child can change your meaning, your path in life. You’ve got almost no rational reasons to have one, but everything changes when you become a dad. It’s been one year since everything changed for me and all the rational reasons vanished. Since I became a dad, a new world opened in front of me. When you step into a new world, you have to learn a lot, of course. I’m still learning, but I thought it’s time to start sharing some learnings. I think the most important gift you can offer … Read More


The Cake Lesson

I’m going to tell you a short story that was, actually, one of the biggest life lessons I have received in my entire life. I fly to Singapore for my birthday. I love Singapore. It’s one of the best places in the world. I stay here just for a few days and I think to myself to do something special for my birthday. What can be better than booking a night at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and have acces to their infinity pool. So I’ve done that. Booked just one night, ready for an amazing experience. I arrive in Singapore. I checkin for the first couple of nights at a regular hotel. The guy from the reception realized that it’s gonna be my birthday soon. He says Happy Birthday to me and teased me with some special gift. We go do our stuff, explore the city, have different activities and, for… Read More

Never stop learning concept on paper with typewriter

Never stop learning

When I was a kid, I always tried to postpone, skip or finish school as fast as I could. I had more important things to do. At least, this is what I thought so at that age.  Now, many years later, I realise how fool I was. Why? Because now I don't have so much time to do that, the learning process is different, it takes more time and energy to pick up stuff. And guess what. The eager to learn is higher now. I’m 36 years old and I got back to school. Shifting career, getting into the design at this age could be a brave move for most of us. It’s not easy, but I think it’s better than being stuck into something that you don’t love doing anymore. I try to blend school in my adult life, I try to learn how to learn again. Note to my younger self: Learn something new every day. … Read More