2015, F64 year

The first time I heard about F64 was around 2006-2007, when I started flirting with photography. Since then I started following the brand. I was very attracted by the way they communicates and the closeness to clients. A few years later, I made the first purchase and experienced the customer experience. I was fascinated. Over time, getting very close to digital marketing, I followed the brand and, moreover, I started to take it as an example. Slowly. I started to want to be part of the team. Not long after, I joined the F64 team. At first, a little shy. It didn't take me long to understand the business, the processes and most importantly: to get closer to people. F64 has a wonderful team. It's very hard not to get attached to the people in F64. They are, perhaps, the most passionate peop… Read More

Rear businessman in front of crossroad and signpost arrows shows two different courses, left and right direction to choose. Road splits in distinct direction ways. Difficult decision, choice concept.

Crossroads: Entrepreneur or Employee?

At the age of 24, after you have finished a college and you are somehow ready to get to work, you wonder what path to follow? Will you want to be hired by a large corporation or will you start your own business? Employee? The strongest argument of being an employee is the fixed salary, but you have to work for that. You must be at work for at least 8 hours every day. You have to be efficient, consolidate your place and climb the hierarchical ladder of the company. You are allowed to make mistakes, at least at the beginning, but if you keep making mistakes you will instantly fly out of the company. As an employee, your free time is limited to a few hours a day, during which you are usually very tired. You are always busy at work and you can't take a few days off to attend an event… Read More

Jobs with person using a laptop on a white table

Digital Jobs

I thought of making a list of digital jobs and the tasks assigned to each job. Honestly, I don't know if it will be useful for anyone, but I found the idea interesting as a resource. The list would look something like this: (if I missed or missed something, I'm waiting for comments) Project Manager: The ability to organize and coordinate a team is the main asset that a project manager has. He or she must also ensure good communication within the team he leads and be great at customer service. For all this, the salary of a project manager starts at 1500 EUR. Account Manager: It is clear, an account must have very good communication skills and know how to convince the client. Negotiation must be his strong point. He is the one who takes care of the agency's clients. He speaks nicely t… Read More