A few days in Mexico

This picture has been taken on a beach in Tulum. After my visit in Mexico, Tulum became my favourite place for sunbathing, so far. Of course, Tulum is just a tiny dot on the Mexican map. Mexico is huge, with a lot of places to visit. I had the chance to get to Cancun, Chichen Itza and a random Cenote, but I can't wait to get back to see the rest. Se you soon, Mexico.


Just a new city

Some see some houses, some see fun, some see opportunities, some see money, some see peace, some see career, others see family. In fact, it is just a new city. Aalborg is small city in Denmark, an ancient city where Viking ships once sailed past on the Limfjord. Aalborg has evolved to a vibrant cultural hotspot with a spectacular waterfront of iconic architectural buildings. How I got to visit Aalborg? Well, Life is simple, no? That's why It wasn't too hard to just book the cheapest flight I found flying from London. That was Aalborg. Enjoy traveling, even if you don't tick the main cities!



Quiet, safe, clean air and lots of nature. That's what defines the British countryside. And I like it. And I would like to live in a village with 40-50 houses, in a cottage around 1500. Somewhere where you can find a single pub, a church, a school and a post office.


Digital nomad?

How great it is that I was born 32 years ago, not 132 years ago. How great it is that I can work in the garden, using just a phone, not in a factory, on a production line. Take advantage of the world in which we live, advantages that our grandparents did not have and never thought would be possible. Learn. Dream. Work.



I get more and more often the question, "Listen, but when are you going to get back home?" Home? What does home mean? I think home is where you feel good. Home for me can mean London, Bucharest, Barcelona, ​​New York, LA or Singapore. Home is where I want it to be. What about family, friends? You might ask. I'm fine. And now, with this technology so accessible, I could say that they are closer to me when they are 2-3000 km away, much closer than when we were just a few steps away. For example, I talk to my parents more often now than I did when I was a few minutes away from them. Another example: because my time in Romania is very limited, when I arrive there, all my friends are queuing to see me. When I was in Romania, we were all "busy". But your routine, your habits, your things?… Read More


What I learned from my 5 weeks trip to SE Asia

Travel light (er)! On this trip I had a small troller and an even smaller backpack. I didn't have a lot of clothes. The mechanism worked, but it was as if I could give up the troller, which was too much. I also had a lot of thick clothes, such as jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, clothes that I didn't use at all and that I couldn't throw away. Next time I think I'll just get my backpack. Saves a lot of time and stress. Especially if you have 15 flights in 5 weeks. Get a financial back up! In none of my trips for more than a month I didn't have all the money from the beginning. That's because I work remotely and most of the time I travel and earn during this time. The problem is, you don't always earn on time. What happened in Asia. I had all kinds of struggles with money and I had days when… Read More