Digital nomad?

How great it is that I was born 32 years ago, not 132 years ago. How great it is that I can work in the garden, using just a phone, not in a factory, on a production line. Take advantage of the world in which we live, advantages that our grandparents did not have and never thought would be possible. Learn. Dream. Work.



I get more and more often the question, "Listen, but when are you going to get back home?" Home? What does home mean? I think home is where you feel good. Home for me can mean London, Bucharest, Barcelona, ​​New York, LA or Singapore. Home is where I want it to be. What about family, friends? You might ask. I'm fine. And now, with this technology so accessible, I could say that they are closer to me when they are 2-3000 km away, much closer than when we were just a few steps away. For example, I talk to my parents more often now than I did when I was a few minutes away from them. Another example: because my time in Romania is very limited, when I arrive there, all my friends are queuing to see me. When I was in Romania, we were all "busy". But your routine, your habits, your things?… Read More


What I learned from my 5 weeks trip to SE Asia

Travel light (er)! On this trip I had a small troller and an even smaller backpack. I didn't have a lot of clothes. The mechanism worked, but it was as if I could give up the troller, which was too much. I also had a lot of thick clothes, such as jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, clothes that I didn't use at all and that I couldn't throw away. Next time I think I'll just get my backpack. Saves a lot of time and stress. Especially if you have 15 flights in 5 weeks. Get a financial back up! In none of my trips for more than a month I didn't have all the money from the beginning. That's because I work remotely and most of the time I travel and earn during this time. The problem is, you don't always earn on time. What happened in Asia. I had all kinds of struggles with money and I had days when… Read More


I exchange paradise with another paradise

This picture on the top is from a beach in Malaysia. It's so beautiful that seems to be stolen from a travel guide, right? Actually, no. It's not stolen. I own the rights of the picture, but I certainly don't own the landscape. Actually, no one owns it and it needs to stay like that. We eager to travel, to see places, to visit the most beautiful beaches or mountains, we hunt for the perfect picture. I recon, this happens to me quite often. But why? You may ask. Why are we so obsessed with perfection? Why we want to have a better holiday, to post better pictures on instagram than our friends, the sands must be whiter, the water must be clearer, the sun must be brighter. Why? If you have the answer, please share. During my trip to SE of Asia I had the chance to see so many beautiful p… Read More


My office today

My first remote working experience was in 2009, when it wasn't so trendy. Nobody could understand how I can travel and work in the same time. It was impossible for them to imagine doing both great. Back in 2009, during my first Eurotrip, when I had to travel around Europe for 3 months and work in the same time. The internet connection was not so good, laptops were heavier, and few clients could accept this kind of partnership. Now, almost 10 years later, I have the same behaviour, but the world changed around me. Now, I'm not that crazy guy anymore, work can be done anywhere. That's what I'm grateful for today.


Singapore just jumped on 3rd place on my top

I don't really know why I like this country so much. Or city. However you want to consider it. Maybe because it has one of the most beautiful city skyline I ever seen, maybe because it's so clean, or maybe because everything is well done here, or who knows, maybe just because there's plenty of rules and anyone follows them. I've seen over 200 cities so far and Singapore jumped straight to no. 3 on my top, after London and Barcelona. I think it will stay there for a while. In Singapore, I like the congregation of different cultures coexisting in one space. Made up of Chinese, Malay, Indian and various other ethnicities, cultural heritage is what makes Singapore, Singapore. You can also feel the british presence everywhere. Afterall, Singapore used to be one of their colonies. Next… Read More



I had Thailand on my bucket list for a few years now and I've been working on this trip for about 6 months. I heard dozens of great stories about Thailand. From crystal clear water, fine white sand to colorful taxi boats, good food and even better prices. And believe me! All are true and even a little over expectations. I did some trips through Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, but Thailand is a few levels above. The itinerary was Phuket - Ko Phi Phi - Bangkok. I only stayed in Phuket for a night and then I headed straight to Ko Phi Phi, where you have everything you need. Quality resorts, small and beautiful beaches, crystal clear water everywhere, good food, street shopping, boat trips, Thai massage and beach parties every night. All at a quarter price compared to Europe. Bangkok i… Read More



I get to my room around midnight, tired and hungry. I throw my backpack in a corner, get back on the street and look for the first street food stall. It was just around the corner. I order a soup and some fried noodles with chicken and vegetables. A few minutes later, I take the first bite. I got simply amazed. The street food in Vietnam is delicious! I like street food, but there's street food and vietnamese street food. I never had such as amazing dishes, that at first sight are so simple, but they are so good. Next day, when I got rid of my "food jet lag", I start exploring Hanoi. There's a vibe in Hanoi that I never felt in another city. It's a mix of hard working people, lots of scooters, noise everywhere, food every corner, fairs, parties and a lot of tourists, of course. Afte… Read More


We’re just some small dots in a huge world!

When you travel, you expand your horizons. When you travel more, you expand your horizons even more and you feel smaller and smaller. When I was little, living in a small village in Romania, I thought the world is my backyard. My friends were my parents, grand parents, grand-grand parents, uncles and cousins. I used to spend my time doing mostly the same things every day, moving around no more than a square mile. When you grow up, things change. You move places, you start working, you develop yourself. If you are travelling, things change even more. I remember, first time when I got out of my home country, I was amazed. Everything was different. I wanted to absorb every new information, to pay attention to each detail, every second was important. Now, here I am, on another conti… Read More