Shadow Of Person


You can't imagine how surprising some people are. Friends you've known for years, or at least pretend to know them well, they can change in a few days. Why do some forget? Why, when they have a chance to be well, do they forget who was along with them the whole time? Why do they completely erase the past? BLANK! They are no longer interested in you! Sometimes you wonder: How many friends do you have? How many true friends are there? Do they care about you as much as you care about them? Would they help you as much as you helped them? If something or someone intervened in their life, or in their circle of friends, who would they put first? Who wins? You or a stranger? There are so many unanswered questions, so many unknowns. We live in a world of interests. It doesn't matter if yo… Read More


Weekend by the seaside

This weekend was one of the most adventurous. Ever. I went to the beach with 6 friends, after an instant decision taken the day before. After about 8 hours by train, we were all exhausted. But I didn't care. We had the sea, the sand and two days of maximum fun. We quickly set up the tents (my first experience with the tent) and threw ourselves directly into the sea. The weather was pretty good so I managed to catch some tan. At night, after a few bottles of wine, we were courageous enough to cool off in the sea, while a few kilometers away there was a concert. The second day, after a long period of "treatment", I caught a few more hours on the beach, a photo session and left for Bucharest. It was one of the most unpredictable and enjoyable escapades.


Motherly love: the strongest feeling.

Whatever you do, wherever you go in this world, whoever you become, your mother is always with you. She takes care of you, she tries to help you to the best of her ability, she does her best to make you feel good.The mother's soul and feelings for her child are immortal. From the first steps until you are a parent, your mother is with you, with your soul, with your mind. Thank you, mom!