Live in the present moment

We all thinking at the past. We all try to plan the future. But what we actually need to do is to live in the present. It's hard. It's maybe the hardest thing a human being can do. There is a study where people were given the option of either sitting in a room with their own thoughts for 15 minutes, or giving themselves an electric shock. 60% of men and 30% of women gave themselves a shock, rather than spend 15 minutes alone with their own head. So yeah, it's hard. Almost impossible. That's my new mission starting from today: to live in the present moment as much as possible.



I had this wallpaper on my laptop for years. This is the amount of time I also had to wait for this dream to become true. 3.5 years from the moment I put the order and 7 years since I've started to dream, to be more specific. I've started following Tesla in 2012, when the Model S was launched. Doing my research about Tesla, I thought the car is too good to be true, too advanced to get into the market, too early to be understood and appreciated by masses. Apparently, that wasn't the case and Elon Musk's Master Plan got implemented as he planned it. Years are passing on, I get more and more interested in Tesla. I start dreaming, even if, at that time, it seemed to be impossible for me to imagine myself behind a "T" steering wheel. 31st of March, 2016. I'm in London, I make some decent… Read More


Vipassana Experience

The picture on the top is not just a picture of the sky. It's a picture of the sky I was staring for hours after I got out from a Vipassana retreat. OK, what is Vipassana, you may ask. It's a retreat than can last from days to months, where you are totally disconnected from the world: you don't have access to internet, books, radio, tv, you are not allowed to speak to each other and you meditate about 12 hours/day. It's a huge challenge. First, you ask yourself why are you there. Why you decided to wipe out some days from your life and do absolutely nothing. After a few days, you start thinking at your past. A few days later, you start to plan your future. Your mind goes crazy. Second week, when your mind had enough of thinking, planning, wondering, you finally start relaxing. A… Read More


Is it too far or too close?

Too far from what? Too close to what? When I moved out of London, I got this question so often, that I had to memorize the answer and say it over and over again: You moved to The Cotswolds? Isn't it too far away? Too far away? I ask back. What do you mean by too far away? It could be too far from your world, your own bubble, but maybe it's closer to mine. We tend to create our own bubbles and everything that is different could be wrong. I don't think there's right or wrong. Just different. When you live in London you can be tricked and believe that's London and the rest of the world. London is an amazing city, full of opportunities, nice venues, events, great people, amazing architecture, but it's not the centre of the world. It's just another city. Or bubble. Since I moved to T… Read More



Quiet, safe, clean air and lots of nature. That's what defines the British countryside. And I like it. And I would like to live in a village with 40-50 houses, in a cottage around 1500. Somewhere where you can find a single pub, a church, a school and a post office.


Digital nomad?

How great it is that I was born 32 years ago, not 132 years ago. How great it is that I can work in the garden, using just a phone, not in a factory, on a production line. Take advantage of the world in which we live, advantages that our grandparents did not have and never thought would be possible. Learn. Dream. Work.



I get more and more often the question, "Listen, but when are you going to get back home?" Home? What does home mean? I think home is where you feel good. Home for me can mean London, Bucharest, Barcelona, ​​New York, LA or Singapore. Home is where I want it to be. What about family, friends? You might ask. I'm fine. And now, with this technology so accessible, I could say that they are closer to me when they are 2-3000 km away, much closer than when we were just a few steps away. For example, I talk to my parents more often now than I did when I was a few minutes away from them. Another example: because my time in Romania is very limited, when I arrive there, all my friends are queuing to see me. When I was in Romania, we were all "busy". But your routine, your habits, your things?… Read More


What I learned from my 5 weeks trip to SE Asia

Travel light (er)! On this trip I had a small troller and an even smaller backpack. I didn't have a lot of clothes. The mechanism worked, but it was as if I could give up the troller, which was too much. I also had a lot of thick clothes, such as jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, clothes that I didn't use at all and that I couldn't throw away. Next time I think I'll just get my backpack. Saves a lot of time and stress. Especially if you have 15 flights in 5 weeks. Get a financial back up! In none of my trips for more than a month I didn't have all the money from the beginning. That's because I work remotely and most of the time I travel and earn during this time. The problem is, you don't always earn on time. What happened in Asia. I had all kinds of struggles with money and I had days when… Read More


My office today

My first remote working experience was in 2009, when it wasn't so trendy. Nobody could understand how I can travel and work in the same time. It was impossible for them to imagine doing both great. Back in 2009, during my first Eurotrip, when I had to travel around Europe for 3 months and work in the same time. The internet connection was not so good, laptops were heavier, and few clients could accept this kind of partnership. Now, almost 10 years later, I have the same behaviour, but the world changed around me. Now, I'm not that crazy guy anymore, work can be done anywhere. That's what I'm grateful for today.