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You’re lucky? You live! If you’re not so lucky? You die!

Jiu Valley. 2008. Here everything is about coal mines. There is nothing else. If you were born in the Jiu Valley, or in any other mining area in Romania, most likely your father is a miner and your mother a housewife. You also have 2-3 brothers and you've got only one future: with the pickaxe in their hand, working day and night. Poverty dominates. Maybe a controlled poverty, who knows? If you were born in his area, you have no alternative. Someone had to work there too. Someone has to die! Bucharest. 2008. Here people compete at swearing from their SUV's, in traffic jams. Here there are advertising agencies, law firms, dozens of televisions, here our illustrious candidates are fighting on advertising space, the future is made with a pen and a paper or behind a computer. Consumerism is… Read More

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Crossroads: Entrepreneur or Employee?

At the age of 24, after you have finished a college and you are somehow ready to get to work, you wonder what path to follow? Will you want to be hired by a large corporation or will you start your own business? Employee? The strongest argument of being an employee is the fixed salary, but you have to work for that. You must be at work for at least 8 hours every day. You have to be efficient, consolidate your place and climb the hierarchical ladder of the company. You are allowed to make mistakes, at least at the beginning, but if you keep making mistakes you will instantly fly out of the company. As an employee, your free time is limited to a few hours a day, during which you are usually very tired. You are always busy at work and you can't take a few days off to attend an event… Read More


There is no way out

How many times do you feel trapped in a forest full of predatory animals that want nothing more than to kill you so that they can survive? The worst thing is that that forest is surrounded by a huge fence and has a single gate, very small, hard to find. In case you were lucky and found the gate without being torn apart by the animals that haunt the whole forest, the show is not ending. You managed to get out of the forest and, surprise, you just entered another forest, wilder and more dangerous. That's about the country we live in.


I ticked another capital: Warsaw

Warsaw is a city of architectural contrasts. The new combines with the old, the modern tries to hide the traces of communism. It is impressive how the city has risen every time it has risen and withstood dozens of bombings and foreign domination. Warsaw has always been reborn from its own ashes, becoming a stronger, richer, more beautiful city. If you visit Warsaw you have to walk through the Old Town. Completely restored according to the original version that was destroyed by the Nazis, the old center of Warsaw is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this fairytale area you can admire the architectural details of the bourgeois houses, here are also two of the most important buildings in Warsaw: St. John and the Royal Palace. Walking on the Presidential Road, you reach the ne… Read More


One week in Greece

day 1: The Roadtrip We left Bucharest on Sunday at around 8 AM and incredibly, but in less than 15 minutes we were already out of town, on the road to Giurgiu. We make the first stop somewhere before customs, for food, bought snacks and other nonsense. We cross the bridge of friendship between Romania and Bulgaria, over 2km long. Somewhere on the right side after crossing the river, is the town of Ruse, the main port on the Danube for Bulgarians. Among the Romanians, it is famous as a city of supply in terms of food, drink and electronics. After all, another city in which the "gray" specific to the former communist countries dominates remains. It is the first time I walk on Bulgarian soil and it seemed to me at least a dubious country. First of all, we see the cruel poverty in which… Read More

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1 year of blogging

About a year ago, I wrote my first blog post on The blog has gone through several stages over time. At first I wrote quite messy, I posted like any beginner all kinds of videos on youtube, I wrote about everything, but over time I managed to focus only on photography, travel, web stuff and more or less personal stuff. In the meantime, I launched another blog:, which I currently manage. Photobloggers is a niche blog, a collective photography blog. The basic content is represented by the members works, but we also have articles, news, reports and a contest. Many thanks to the readers for your support!


Ciao Roma

Sometimes it is good have low expectations, when you get to visit a new place. That's what happened to me in Rome. All the opinions I heard about the "Eternal City" came down to misery, gypsies, and uninteresting places to visit. But after I had the opportunity to get there, I realized that this is not the case. Indeed, the elements listed above are not missing, but they do not dominate the landscape. When you look at the imposing Colosseum, you almost don't even notice the Indians eager to sell you something else. Admiring the Trevi Fountain for a few minutes, street children sleeping on the sidewalk are like your friends. Rome is a pleasant mixture of black and white, old and new, grand and minimal.

Silhouette of spy drone flying over  sea (UAV) and on background beautiful view of sun hiding behind  surface of mountain

Next World War: A Computer Game?

Have you seen the latest episodes of the documentary series "Future Weapons"? How accelerated is the development of military weapons? Remotely controlled aircraft, all possible types of weapons controlled on a computer with decision-making power. I'm thinking about World War III, if it happens. Will the command system be reduced to a few computers from which thousands of missiles will be launched, hundreds of planes will be controlled and millions of lives will be destroyed? Everything in front of a computer? And what's worse: NASA, the US Army, the US Secret Service have a lot of secret projects. The technologies he presents to us now are 10-20 years behind the secret ones. Can you imagine what monsters of technology we are developing? Will we control the weapons or will the weapon… Read More


Details from Brasov

Today I participated in the last session of my photo course in Brasov. The course was super cool! For 2 months, with the help of my teacher and colleagues, I managed to forget about the crowds, the mess, the worries and the problems I face every day, in Bucharest. I took 3rd place out of 48 in the final competition. I also received an award:). About Dan, what can I say, I'm glad I met him, he is a good photographer, a special man, who besides the fact that he manages to bring you closer to an art that many fail to understand, he could also be a good friend. I recommend his course to everyone. I also have a message for my colleagues: Let's make a list of the best places to shoot in Romania and try to go out in as many photo tours as possible. It is, I think, the best opportunity to … Read More

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Digital Jobs

I thought of making a list of digital jobs and the tasks assigned to each job. Honestly, I don't know if it will be useful for anyone, but I found the idea interesting as a resource. The list would look something like this: (if I missed or missed something, I'm waiting for comments) Project Manager: The ability to organize and coordinate a team is the main asset that a project manager has. He or she must also ensure good communication within the team he leads and be great at customer service. For all this, the salary of a project manager starts at 1500 EUR. Account Manager: It is clear, an account must have very good communication skills and know how to convince the client. Negotiation must be his strong point. He is the one who takes care of the agency's clients. He speaks nicely t… Read More